How to Start a Blog

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Starting a BlogReading articles on how to start writing blogs will teach you the basics of the trade. It’s a good way to develop connections with other bloggers, improve your writing skills and build your portfolio. There are sites that have tools such as an image editor, an application in writing, and promotional methods. This will help you maximize the exposure of your site and help direct people to your blog.

There are a lot of benefits to blogging. It is a good promotional tool for business. If you are an aspiring writer, publishing an excerpt from your manuscript is a good way to get feedback for your  work.

Choosing a Name for your Website

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Blog Name GeneratorUsing a tool to generate a name for a website will give you a wide selection to choose from. There are a number of online tools that help provide a suitable domain name but make sure to choose wisely to get a name that has not been registered yet. A Name Generator is an online tool that comes up with different ideas of names to choose from. It has multiple parallel servers that are used for generating lists of names.

Some individuals may consider the use of a name generator useless but even if you cannot choose any from the generated list, it can stimulate you creatively and help you come up with a name all on your own.

Trends in Enterprise Secure File Transfer

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th21-630-istock-data-internet-web-transfer-file-cloud-storage-pirate-save-630wWith the fast advance of technological inventions the last two decades, file transferring has become faster and more secure. And as the size of files has increased, the need for transferring massive files has kept pace. As hackers and viruses have become more prevalent the need for secure file transfer has become essential to any enterprise operation.

With most IT managers choosing to constrain attachment size to manageable thresholds for mail server environments in order to maximize server performance, enterprise leaders must seek out other alternatives to satisfy their need for transferring large files quickly and securely.

In the past enterprise users would go outside the corporate email environment and use consumer mail programs to send larger sized files and thereby work around the corporate limitations on attachment file size. However, there are serious security risks with this approach as well as a lack of auditing.

File Transfer Protocol is just too cumbersome for the average user experience. It lacks auditing and the timed delivery constraints that are often so important in the enterprise world.

Consumer file sharing solutions like Dropbox can increase convenience and increase limits on file size, but again, they lack corporate grade security controls.

There are solutions that allow collaboration and development of shared documents with both corporate and external participants, but these solutions do not allow for massive file sizes. They are more focused on the collaborative aspect.

Luckily there are now enterprise-grade solutions for secure file transfers of large amounts of sensitive data that include ease of use, speed, timing, collaboration and encryption of sensitive data. Cutting edge companies like Signiant are leading this enterprise technology. This company has solved the enterprise secure file transfer dilemma while keeping the interface intuitive and easy to navigate. The ease of use means that is can be rapidly adopted with little or no training involved.

The benefits of these enterprise file transfer solutions are:

  1. Enabling transfer of massive files in the corporate environment
  2. Reducing stress on the IT infrastructure
  3. Secure access from any global location using a browser
  4. Fast file transfer rates
  5. Data loss prevention (DLP) using checkpoints in the data transfer process
  6. Easy to use web interface requires little or no training
  7. A policy-driven interface allows administrator to audit files, adhere to a retention policy and examine logs to prevent policy violations
  8. User management controls
  9. Support of both intra and extra network file sharing to maximize collaboration with outside parties if needed
  10. Scalability from a single office to a global distributed deployment

With large media files being the norm for broadcast and network TV companies, an enterprise file sharing solution that can handle massive files is essential. Media companies must be able to upload raw footage to editors who process it and then transfer it to the broadcasters. The multiple transferring of terabytes of data to multiple parties for processing can happen in the same day and sometimes in the same hour. With these new corporate solutions, there is no more waiting for large files to upload via FTP or other cumbersome methods of transfer.

How to Order Porta Potties

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Portable toilets Ever in the market for outdoor restroom options? Maybe you’re hosting an outdoor event such as a concert or benefit, or operating a construction site? I was on this same boat and I began shopping around trying to find someone to rent porta potties from for an outdoor beach event for a beach that didn’t have restrooms. I called and called and no one I got in contact with was able to serve my location. I was frustrated as I went down the list of search results. Portable Toilet Co. offers portable toilets as well restroom trailers, depending on what kind of client you need to provide services to. They offer the cleanest portable toilets, porta potties, or restroom trailers, whenever you need it, at an extremely affordable price. They always deliver and pick up on time, even offering same day delivery in most cases. All the top providers are grouped together on one page, all with the same amazing track records. This makes it a lot easier than randomly calling tons of providers of portable toilets, and being let down and they each tell you your location is too far for them to serve. Believe me, it got frustrating.

The purpose of this article is so I can let you in on my solution, which in turn helped me save time, as well as money, by finding a service that was just right for me. Not only that, but when I called they were more than helpful at answering all the questions I had, and I feel like customer service is something only far a few companies offer these days. The small couple of people I spoke with arranging for my event were all very nice and courteous, I felt like they genuinely wanted to help me, rather than like I was pulling teeth trying to get answers.

If you think you can find a better service or better price, I challenge you to do so. I checked just to make sure I wasn’t getting taken advantage of, and I found the prices listed on their site to actually be the most reasonable. Not only can you plan ahead, but they also offer flexible amounts of time, whether it be a single day event, to something week-long, to even months for a construction project. They will work with you, to make sure you’re completely accommodated and that the porta potties are services and maintained (you don’t want gross porta potties).

It’s as easy and filling out what kind of porta potty you need, what it’s for, when you need it and how long. From there you just quickly answer how many people will use it daily, how many you need, contact info and where to deliver it. From there you get a quote and it all goes from there. So request your quote then shop around, they’re extremely competitively priced. Hope this information was able to help you make a decision, I know I wish I had something like this to help me out.

Introduction to Internet Marketing and Online Marketing Agencies

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Online MarketingInternet marketing or online marketing is a term used to refer to marketing efforts carried out via ecommerce tools such as the web and email to drive up sales. While in the past Internet marketing was a preserve of companies which carried out their business exclusively on the web, today it is commonplace to find offline businesses resorting to online marketing as part of their marketing mix.

Forms of Internet Marketing

In the early years of the World Wide Web, online marketing was mainly about placing banner adverts on other websites in order to drive up traffic and sales. In the new web, the world of online marketing has grown to include a myriad of strategies, some which are paid for and others free. These include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

Search Engine Optimization

The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are key drivers of online traffic. Website owners spend endless hours optimizing their sites in order to achieve high ranking for crucial keywords when users search for products and services online.

Email Marketing

The use of email as a marketing tool rather than just an effective way of communication is a relatively recent phenomenon. The most successful online businesses maintain complex databases of email contacts that they target regularly with offers and promotions.

Social Media

The rise of social networking sites in the last few years has caused a veritable revolution in the world of online marketing. How well an online business integrates social media tools in their marketing strategy is often a marker of how successful they are in attracting profitable traffic to their site.

Online Marketing Agencies

Over the years, internet marketing has become a complex field and increasingly competitive as even more businesses realize the power of the web in influencing consumer choices. To market a website successfully online requires plenty of time and effort, and many entrepreneurs on the web cannot afford to do it effectively as an in-house operation. This state of affairs has created room for specialist online marketing agencies which offer the services at a fee. There are some convincing arguments why online businesses should outsource their marketing needs to an agency and some disadvantages as well.

Advantages of Using an Online Marketing Agency

1. Quick Results: An adept internet marketing agency has established channels and marketing templates which are guaranteed to deliver quick results. An online entrepreneur who opts to do the marketing on their own will first be required to explore different channels and create trust before they can begin enjoying increased traffic and, ultimately, more sales.

2. Advanced Reporting: Agencies offering internet marketing services provide regular feedback in the form of reports and projections which are good indicators of the effectiveness of different tools they have deployed in marketing the website.

3. Integrated Marketing Tools: When it comes to ranking of websites by search engines, it is important to have strong indicators of competitiveness in different fronts. To ensure a balanced approach to online marketing, the best agencies integrate different tools in their approach in order to send consistent signals to search engines that the website concerned is not only popular but also that it offers visitors the content they are in need of.

Disadvantages of Using Online Marketing Agencies

1. Little Flexibility: Many online marketing agencies have established procedures for carrying out marketing. While some or most of their methods may work well in a particular internet niche, this may not always apply across the board. A website owner who does their own marketing may be able to tailor their promotions to the best effect possible, a flexibility which is often lacking from agencies.

2. Low Conversion Rates: Marketing promotions mounted by online marketing agencies invariably bring a lot of traffic to a website. However, the percentage of online visitors who actually take time to view the offer, place an order and follow through is often lower than what more organically generated traffic can bring.

The History Of Sushi

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sushi historyLike many things from antiquity, sushi’s history is cloaked in folklore and fable. In one such tale from ancient Japan, an old woman started keeping her rice in the nests of ospreys in order to keep it from being stolen. When she collected the pots of rice, she noticed that it had fermented and that the ospreys had dropped chunks of fish into it. The fish had been preserved by the fermenting rice. Upon sampling the concoction, she found it to be delicious, and thus, sushi was born.

True Origins

It’s a fun tale, but sushi’s real history is a bit more complex. A Chinese dictionary from the fourth century B.C. speaks of salted seafood being packed in prepared rice and allowed to ferment. This is widely believed to be the first documented mention of sushi. Today, sushi is thought to have originated several centuries ago in Southeast Asia as a way to make fish last longer.

Sushi Spreads

Historians think that the idea of sushi probably made its way to Japan sometime in the ninth century, and increased in popularity as Buddhism became more prevalent. Since the religion forbids the consumption of meat, many Buddhists adopted fish as a replacement. However, it was the Japanese that initially made sushi into a complete product by eating both the fish and rice as one. This particular preparation is called nare-zushi, which translates to aged sushi.

The Evolution of Sushi

The earliest known variety of aged sushi, called funa-zushi, is supposed to have been developed over a millennia ago near Japan’s biggest lake, Lake Biwa. Funa, a large gold-colored carp, was caught, placed in cooked rice and pressed with weights to accelerate fermentation. It took upwards of six months to finish, and because of this, was only eaten by the rich. In the early fifteenth century, when Japan was thrust into civil war, people discovered that if they used more weight, the process could be reduced to as little as a month.

In the middle of the eighteenth century, the process was further enhanced by putting the fish in vinegar-soaked rice and compressed in a small container for a couple of hours. However, sushi preparation was about to become quicker. A man by the name of Hanaya Yohei is credited with developing what we know today as sushi nigiri. In his stall on the bank of Edo’s (modern-day Tokyo’s) Sumida River, he prepared rice, seasoned it with salt and rice vinegar and added a slice of fresh, raw fish on top. Due to the freshness of the fish, it required neither cooking nor fermentation. This ingenious process allowed sushi to be prepared within minutes as opposed to hours, weeks or months. Naturally, this dramatically increased the dish’s popularity and it was to become the preferred method of sushi-making.

Sushi Goes Global

By the 1920′s, sushi’s popularity had exploded, and sushi vendors could be found all over the streets of what would later become Tokyo. Since then, the dish has made its way across the world and is now a common feature on nearly every major continent and in most developed countries like in Canada we have sushi delivery in Regina.

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Marketing Your Small Business Online Cheaply

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small business marketingAs the owner of a small business, you will understandably have a modest marketing budget but such fact should not be a hindrance in your efforts to reach your target market, sell your products or services, and sustain a loyal following!

The internet has created a fantastic avenue for low-cost marketing and the ins and outs of internet advertising have been covered substantially online. What we would like to cover here though as some simple tips in marketing your small business on a shoestring budget to get the desired results.

1. Find Your Niche
Forget mass marketing or targeting every niche under the sun! Instead, focus on your niche market so that your targeted marketing plans will be more effective, efficient and responsive to their needs and wants in your product. In other words, avoid spreading yourself too thinly on prospective customers that may not even fit into your target market.

For example, instead of focusing all your efforts targeting keywords related to “dogs”, you would be better of being more specific and targeting services and marketing efforts to various dog products. To go one-step further, take your business to the people and attend events where dog owners of particular breeds gather such as dog show competitions.

2. Master Your Elevator Pitch
Keep in mind that every marketing opportunity must be grabbed. You must then master your elevator pitch so that you can immediately grab your potential supplier’s or customer’s attention once you generate a business lead. Your first hello, be that over the phone or on email, may well result into a lasting business partnership partly because your elevator pitch was so persuasive.

3. Go For The Professional Look
Most website owners out there in your niche will be offering the same type of services and products so you want to differentiate yourself as much as possible. Getting a fantastic domain name is a starting point but having a toll-free phone number is an option many e-business owners take up. These allow for ease-of contact and are super-professional.

4. Make Your Business Newsworthy
Even a simple yet meaningful mention of your business in the right media – think local radio or television show catering to your target customers can awaken their interest in your products and/or services. With so many people online nowadays, the internet offers the exact same opportunity. Be creative but be sure to stay within the bounds of the law and of decency – use humour, if possible.

Two Sides of the Picture When Jailbreaking your iPhone

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deciding tojailbreak iphoneIf you are an ardent iphone user then you must be aware of the term jailbreak. Jailbreak actually means that you are passing your restrictions. Generally Apple has a complete control over its device. When we conduct the jailbreak procedure we acquire an authority to install the applications and tweaks of our choice. However, when you are opting for jailbreak iphone 4s then you need to weigh the pros and cons. This will enable you to make a wise decision rather than just opting for the jailbreak procedure without using your discretion. Therefore, let us study these aspects in detail. When you jailbreak your iphone it has always been a topic of debate because Apple considers it a breach of its warranty whereas Jailbreak procedure is legal in some parts of the world.

Pros that you achieve when you Jailbreak your iPhone

· There is a limitation on video output when you use an iphone. However, you need not worry now because when you jailbreak iphone 4s, you are able to install the third party applications using the Cydia app.

· When you jailbreak your iphone you can successfully upgrade it. For example, you can opt for a different carrier and opt for a pay as we go SIM.

· Well nothing is perfect. The same is the case with iphone 4s as well and you can surely make use of these vulnerabilities to your benefit. You need to visit some specific sites through your web browser and conduct jailbreak your iphone by following some steps and the process becomes simpler then you though. Therefore, the conclusion is that the jailbreak procedure is not tough.

Cons of Jailbreak iphone

· Well there are always two sides of the picture and your iphone could become more vulnerable to attacks.

· Another disadvantage is that when you decide to jailbreak your iphone this could affect the stability of your iphone because of the applications you have installed through the jailbreak procedure.

· Another point to keep in consideration is that Jailbreak could affect the battery life of your iphone.

Making smart choices when conducting the jailbreak procedure

Therefore, you should evaluate your need and make your choice accordingly. Sometimes the The iPhone 4s Jailbreaker is the need of the time. However, now that you have the pros and cons you should make your decision in the light of these facts. Moreover, though iPhone 4s Jailbreak is simple, but you do need technological knowledge and it is advisable to study the process before opting in for it. Moreover, research on the jailbreak procedure. You have several online resources that can help you in this regard so make a wise decision and study them well before opting in for them. You can even seek professional assistance in this regard and they can help you conduct the jailbreak procedure in a much better way. Therefore think on all realistic grounds and then make your choice.

Why Tablets Beat Laptops for Children

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tablet for kidsFor teenagers and young adults, it has always been a dream to be gifted a laptop for college. However today in 2013, that may not be the case. With advance of technology approaching light speed, tablets are “the new thing.”

Tablets feature touch screens that most laptops do not have or are implemented awkwardly. Tablets have become an easy way to consume content for young teenagers and children alike. Tablets allow much more control of the device, which in turn enables software developers to make much more interactive games and apps, especially for learning. Due to the touch screen, it’s much easier now, for example, for publishers to explain complex models. Right on the child’s desk, they can view videos explaining new mathematical equations or answering complex scientific questions with the help of visualizations. Unlike a laptop, the tablet breaks the barrier between human and hardware due to touch. It’s much more personal device than ever before.

Today, the App Store has over one million different apps to choose from with many being in the educational category. This has enabled parents to give their kids the study material of the future, today, in their hands. Soon, classrooms all over the United States will have tablets and their primary textbooks will all be media rich on the iPad. Learning will be so fast paced that only educational standardizations can slow down. This is great news for parents today, because it means their children have all the potential in the world to learn anything they want. All the information in the world is at their fingertips. It’s just up to the parents to give them that ability, because in a decade, it will be mandatory (laptops at certain private schools are already mandatory).

If you want to be ahead of the curve, we recommend you buy your child a tablet right away. If you need help finding the right tablet here, click here for the best tablet for kids. They list over a half a dozen of different models to choose from that all have their own benefits. After buying one, we recommend downloading the most popular educational apps so you can get your child started learning right away. It is much easier to get your child accustomed to using it if you start using it together. Make it seem more like a game than learning and they will have a blast progressing through the lessons and earning digital achievements.

This type of technology is not possible on laptops due to the lack of touch screen. We used to believe laptops would be at every child’s desk in the public school system, but now we believe it to be tablets. They are much lighter and more versatile for kids (less expensive as well). Teachers will be teaching the lesson and your kid will have the lesson right in front of them as well. If you want to be ahead of the curve, we recommend your child start learning from these new high tech tablet programs immediately. Remember to not be afraid of technology and find comfort in knowing that many apps available today can really help your child become twice as smart twice as fast.

Conducting Business via VOIP

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voipLast month we attended our annual conference for the telecommunication industry here in Canada and everything went as planned which means we had a great conference and the future still looks steady and bright for companies like ours that deal with new telecommunication technologies as well as the old pbx technologies. The transition to business voip solutions is still slow and the trend doesn’t look to be speeding up anytime soon at least when it comes to businesses making the switch. The primary reason for this slow transition has to do with the quality of service that cannot be controlled well over the internet backbones due to disparity between the major providers around the world.

When companies conduct business over the phone they don’t want to deal with dropped calls or choppy voices on the other end and VOIP just isn’t ready to take the place of PBX technology when it comes to reliable, consistent quality outside of a controlled network like the internet. VOIP solutions have grown very fast within organizations but many companies refuse to go to a total VOIP solution when dealing with calls that must go outside their company to other businesses.

There are a few companies here and there like Primus Biz that are trying to change that slow adoption rate but they have a long road ahead of them and until they can do something to guarantee quality of service over lines that they have no control over, it seems like it might be a tough road ahead. The other major obstacle they face in getting companies to adopt the newer technologies is the initial cost to implement or switch over to a VOIP solution. They can talk all day about the savings that can be had to upgrade to the newer systems but the initial costs to make the switch can be hard to swallow, especially for smaller businesses. On average the time it takes for a company to recuperate their investment on making the switch from a PBX system to a VOIP system is five years. That’s a distant future type of play and a lot of companies aren’t setting their plans that far in to the future even when it comes to getting with the times in technology.

It’s obvious that this is where the industry is heading but no one is going to predict it happening any time soon. Until more businesses adopt VOIP as their main telecommunications infrastructure, the price to get in will remain high and more businesses won’t be adopting VOIP as their main telecommunications infrastructure until someone comes up with a way to guarantee the quality of service of VOIP over the internet on providers that they have no control over or even much in the way of influencing them to provide a better quality of service. So it seems that old school telephone providers still have their day in the Sun until someone comes up with a technology to ensure the quality of VOIP or until someone builds a better mousetrap.

Keeping Your Upcoming Conference Running Smoothly

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istock_000006773435xsmallYou’ve spent months planning this conference – hours and hours of time, thousands of dollars in labor and advertising, and your career and reputation as an event planner may or may not hang in the balance. If you want to ensure that your upcoming conference runs smoothly, consider providing photo ID badges for all conference attendees. How do photo ID badges make your conference run smoothly? First, photo ID badges provide identification, crucial to your conference. Secondly, photo ID badges provide added security for your conference, giving you and your guests peace of mind. Finally, photo ID badges allowed for controlled access of conference rooms where confidential information is limited to select guests.


By providing photo ID badges, your conference attendees become instantly recognizable, increasing networking opportunities. Ever been to a conference overtaken by overgrown frat boys, too busy planning shenanigans to get any benefit from the lectures or demonstrations? Not only are these pranksters eliminating their own chances to learn or grow, they also distract engaged guests from your message. By providing photo ID badges, these class clowns are forced to act in a manner befitting representatives of their companies. Your conference runs more smoothly and your guests are able to get the most from the experience.

Added Security

Gone are the days of having your guests fill in a blank sticker with a marker or offering sheets of pre-printed name tags. Unless the name tag has a photo, it provides virtually no security. Implementing a photo ID badge system for your conference ensures safety and allows attendees to focus on the message of the conference. Limiting those that enter the conference to those with the correct badge creates a safer environment for your conference. Knowing that everyone with the correct badge belongs at your conference makes it easy to spot those that don’t.

Controlled Access

Having the ability to control access to individual rooms within your conference is crucial. Not every attendee is at the same corporate level or is in need of the same information. Perhaps you have several tiers of guests and wish each tier to receive or exchange information pertinent to their respective fields. For example, IT staff have concerns and needs different from those in the HR departments. By controlling access to individual conference areas, you ensure that the information you’re providing reaches the correct target audience. In turn, the target audience gets just the right information, creating greater value for your conference from a guest’s prospective. In addition, you can control the release of critical information such as trade secrets, to those with whom the information is meant to be shared.

Photo ID badges are a great way to ensure that the conference you’ve worked so hard to develop runs smoothly. Your months of planning and strategizing culminate with this event. Protect your investment of time, energy and money. Make sure your conference delivers above and beyond expectations by providing the ultimate in identification, security and controlled access with a photo ID badge system provided by

How I Boosted My Programming Productivity 30% for Less than $30

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WindPower_Jose-Ignacio-Soto-Fotolia.com_Years ago (after the heat wave of Summer ’08) I discovered just how much a difference it made to my workflow if the temperature of my home office was cool and bearable. Ever since buying a home air conditioner, I’ve made sure never to do without one.

I seriously rate it as one of the finest investments I’ve yet made into my work as a wordpress developer and I highly recommend you follow suit. I thought it would be useful to jot down a few pointers about making the most of an air conditioner, once you have one.

Firstly, pay attention to your filter. If you’re in the market for a new air filter for your furnace, you might be confused about where to start. How do you know how to properly choose the right size, brand, and quality to fit your needs. AirFilterBuy is a reputable site that can answer all your questions about a 14x30x1 air filter or any other product you might be looking for. At their website, you can shop by brand, size, and type, and there are certified specialists available to virtually answer your questions 24 hours a day. Best of all, they offer fast, free shipping for orders of at least $30, and all of their products are made in the United States. Read on to learn more about finding the air filter you need at the price you want.

1. Why Do I Need a New Air Filter?
When you replace the filter in your air conditioning or heating unit, you can reduce your energy bills by approximately 15 percent. Not only will this save you money on your energy bill, but it will ensure that the air your family is breathing is clean, pure, and healthy.

2. What’s a MERV Rating?
Each air filter comes with a MERV rating, which stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. Filters are put through two tests: The Dust Spot Efficiency Test, which measures ability to remove dust particles from the air, and the Arrestance Test, which measures the filter’s ability to remove synthetic particles. Filters are then assigned a number between 1 and 16. Most home air filters rank only about a 4; however, AirFilterBuy offers home filters that rank between 6 and 13, providing superior air quality in your home or workspace.

3. What Material Should My New Filter Be Made From?

The type of filter you choose is based on several factors, including the size of your home and the types of pollutants, such as pet dander, that it contains. Most people will be fine with a polyester/cotton pleated filter with a MERV rating of 6. However, if you have pets or there is a smoker in your home, an electrostatic cotton and paper filter with a MERV rating of 10 is a better choice. Filters with higher MERV ratings are typically used in hospitals, although they may be beneficial for home use if you or a family member has a respiratory illness.

4. Do I Need a Filter Made by the Company Who Produced My HVAC System?
Not necessarily. Though the filters made by the same company work fine, some companies, such as AirFilterBuy, produce after-market filters that have higher MERV ratings and provide additional features like odor blocking.

Now that you have the information you need to make an informed purchase, check out AIrFilterBuy to find the filter that’s right for you. With over 600 options available, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Plus, this reputable business was founded in the United States in 1958 and continues to use only American-made products.